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Bluebird egg with Tree Swallow eggs.
Dick Stauffer, Olds, Alberta Canada
Bluebird and Tree Swallow babies hatched.
Dick Stauffer, Olds, Alberta Canada
It is easy to identify the Bluebird among the Tree Swallows.
Dick Stauffer, Olds, Alberta Canada

A snake got past the cone guard which is not uncommon. Robert and Cindy came up with their own idea of cutting hardware cloth in a circle with a 36 inch diameter and covered the cone guard. Normally, the hardware cloth is 36 x 36 square above a stovepipe guard. This invention did work for them!

Photo By Cindy Brown Leblanc, Lafayette, LA

This is one of the two of six fledglings that made it in Rebecca Perere’s backyard box this season. Read her story in our June Newsletter, Volume 41 at the “Newsletter “ Section.

Photo by: Rebecca Perere, Walker, LA

The House Sparrow was in a bind to lay her egg and she built a partial nest and laid it on the bare floor on my trail. I trapped the Male House Sparrow shortly after and dispatched him. The female left the country.

Photo by: Evelyn Cooper

Left to right: Miles Brashier, Mark Carriere, LSU Ag Center, Richard Demay, Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program’s senior scientist and Kenny Kleinpeter, LBBS lifetime member and Office of The Board, shown establishing the New Roads Bluebird Trail, New Roads, LA, on February 26, 2013.

Two siblings out of 3 are sitting tight on a limb for Rebecca. They are such a pleasure and always entertaining.

Photo by: Rebecca Perere, Walker, LA

Photo by: Jason Stringer, Big Lake Louisiana, Cameron Parish.  Babies hatched May 4, 2018


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