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American Kestrel nestlings

photo by Don McCartney, Bend OR

Just-banded kestrels in defensive posture

photo by Don McCartney, Bend OR

Carol McCartney with Fledges

photo by Don McCartney, Bend OR

Free at Last!

photo by Don McCartney, Bend OR

Bluebird flying away with fecal sac.

Photo by Thomas Finnie, Lake Charles, LA

.... juvenile checking out parent feeding chicks. They certainly are curious rascals.

Photo by: Thomas Finnie

Bluebird carrying dragonfly to babies.

Photo by: Thomas Finnie

Eastern Bluebird, Tom’s first nesting of Bluebirds in his yard.

Photo by: Thomas Finnie

Hay string found hanging out of Evelyn Cooper’s nest box put there by the female Bluebird. Babies could get entangled if not removed

Eastern Bluebird with some type of illness that caused the nerves to the wings to draw making the wings look chopped off.

Photo by Evelyn Cooper

Photo by: Rebecca Perere, Walker, LA. Shallow birdbath entices Bluebirds to bathe. Cindy Brown, Lafayette, LA. This begins the second season for yard blues for her.


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