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Peering Out, Naturally (Kerry Sweet, NE OK)

Photo by Wendell Long, Waynesville, OH


White Bluebird Eggs

Photo by Kerry Sweet, NE OK

Photo by Leah Solliday, NE FL

Bluebirds nesting in gooseneck trailer!

Photo by Keith Krindler (Mount Pleasant, TX)

Bluebirds Hatching!

(Mary Thomson, Chattanooga, TN)

In the lower left is an 11-foot kite tethered to about 700' of string. 

Perched on the right is Mr. Bluebird contemplating this "aberration."

Though it's hardly visible, Mr. Bluebird is negotiating the string of aforementioned kite as two of several purple martins fly about in alarm from the "huge kite-hawk's" presence.

Mr. Bluebird, in his infinite wisdom, has found purpose in this novel occurrence.

Apparently, he has this wild notion that there is a purpose to everything.

As the wind would gust and upset Mr. Bluebird's balance, he simply fluttered and adjusted.  What an attitude this good-natured bird must have!  Lesson: While those around you may have visions of adversary and doom, look carefully at a situation, find good, find purpose, find harmony and try to have fun.

Photos by Kenny Kleinpeter

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