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Leonard Colvin, West Monroe, LA Blue in Willow (Kenny Kleinpeter photo)

Kansas Bluebird (used by permission)

Photo by Don Palmer don@kansas.us

See More Photos by Don Palmer

Photo by Susan Renkel, susan@changeswithin.com A Motley Crew (Kenny Kleinpeter photo) Wood Ducks Expressing Cavity-Envy (Kenny Kleinpeter photo)

Eastern Bluebird Fledgling

Photo by Barry and Emily Smith emilys7@earthlink.net

Photo by Keith Kridler, Mount Pleasant, TX Home Sweet Home (photo by Kenny Kleinpeter)

Eastern Bluebird Family

Photo by Susan Renkel, susan@changeswithin.com

Rehabbing Fledge

(Photo by Leslie Lattimore, Wings of Hope, Livingston, LA)

A Typical South Louisiana Morning:  A Prothonotary Warbler shares a bush with a Water  Moccasin.  Photo taken along Whiskey Bay Road (Highway 975), in the Atchafalaya Basin in South Louisiana.  Photo by Jill Beckman, of Coralville, IA.


The Bluebird Song

Dedicated to Evelyn Cooper,
founder of the Louisiana Bayou Bluebird Society


 Bluebird, sing your precious song

Telling us the cold will soon be gone.

Soft and sweet I hear the sound

Of the music that makes love abound.


Bluebird, fly from tree to tree

With your shining blue for all to see.

Find a place to build your nest

Where your tiny eggs can grow their best.  


When our lives are sad and filled with fear,

We can think of you, the bluebird dear,

And when we are hurt and things go wrong,

You can share with us the bluebird song.   


Bluebird, love your family true.

As your babies hatch with life anew.

Bring them food to make them grow

Till we see them flying to-and-fro.

(Repeat Chorus)

Bluebird, teach your children well

All the summer stories you can tell.

Happy times for bugs you search

And the willow tree you love to perch.

(Repeat Chorus)

Bluebird soon must fly away

As the sky above begins to gray.

Wintertime will find you gone

Till again we hear the bluebird song.


Words and Music by Kenny Kleinpeter

© 2004 Kleinpeter Music     

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